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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009


the cardigans comes in 4 different colors, black, white, grey, and purple

shirt fabric old navy cardigan - RM 35

flowery dress (brand new!) - come with sash and dark blue camisole RM62

butterfly sleeved vintage flowery dress
lenght: 90 cm
fits UK 6 - UK 10
belt not included, made of the best chiffon material

blazer-like top! - RM 50

asymetrical top - RM45

asymetrical top with folded sleeve, nice! only 2 left
length : 60 cm

black grass kimonos - comes with black camisole RM55 - SOLD

length : 87 cm

S04 - RM 20 comes in fuschia and grey

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


s02 - RM 20

S01-RM 20

made from super soft shirt fabric - very comfy

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009


Hay girls!
Here's our new updates!
for those who've been promised for 26/02 updates, so sorry, our internet connection were awful!

now, check these out, and grab them
feel free to email us for questions, comments, enquiries
or simply leave a shout at the cbox!

we can send them for you within next week girls, around 5th of march!
sorry for the delay of the delivery!

hear from you soon!

tie dye tops & tees!

here's some new cute tops & tees for you dear!

tie dye t-06 - tie dye t-08
fit UK 8 - UK 14, bigger than our previous tees.
looks soo nice with skinny pants, skirts, shorts or combined with obi belts to add shapes!

tie dye t-04 - tie dye t-04 fit UK 4 - UK 6, for girls with confident!

tie dye t-01 - tie dye t-03 fit UK 6 - UK 10, very trendy blouson!

.PRICE LIST. .tops and tees.

  • tie dye t-08 RM28
  • tie dye t-07 RM28
  • tie dye t-06 RM28
  • tie dye t-05 RM25
  • tie dye t-04 RM25
  • tie dye t-03 RM32
  • tie dye t-02 RM32
  • tie dye t-01 RM32

tie dye t-08 - SOLD

tie dye t-07 - SOLD

tie dye t-06 - SOLD

tie dye t-05

tie dye t-04 reserved by C

tie dye t-03

in detail...

tie dye t-02

tie dye t-01

tie dye dresses!

Girlss! here's some cute new dresses!

tie dye d-07 - tie dye d-09 fit UK 6 - UK 12, let it loose or wear with belt on it, even on girls with tudung, just grab ur cardi and go!

tie dye d-04 - tie dye d-06 fit UK 4 - UK 8, shopping day? casual party? a day on the beach? just grab ur flip-flops n u'll still be the center of attention!

tie dye d-01 - tie dye d-04 fit UK 6 - UK 16, with ur belt, u'll get a very trendy dress! for those with fuller figure, use this as a top, nice!

.PRICE LIST. .dresses.

  • tie dye d-09 RM 33
  • tie dye d-08 RM 33
  • tie dye d-07 RM 33
  • tie dye d-06 RM 35
  • tie dye d-05 RM 35
  • tie dye d-04 RM 35
  • tie dye d-03 RM 37
  • tie dye d-02 RM 37
  • tie dye d-01 RM 37

tie dye d-09

tie dye d-08

tie dye d-07

tie dye d-06

back detail..

tie dye d-05 - SOLD

tie dye d-04

tie dye d-03

tie dye d-02

tie dye d-01

in detail....